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There are so many emotions that can stop us dead in our tacks; fear, anxiety, doubt, being overwhelmed, etc. We all experience these feelings. Those who manage them well are able to leverage these negative feelings and excel. “How might someone do that?”, you ask?

When you are standing in front of what appears to be an insurmountable task/challenge, remind yourself that motion overcomes emotion. Take a very large mountain for example. You may stand at the base and instantly become frozen with fear or the feeling of being overwhelmed with what it will take to reach the peak. Say to yourself, “imagine how amazing it will feel when I get to the top!”. Refocus your thoughts on the positive outcome.

Then remind yourself that motion overcomes emotion and that the moment you take the first step up the mountain, you will begin to see that all of a sudden the mountain just got a little smaller. Taking that next step puts yourself in the game… it gives you the opportunity to succeed. If you never take the first step, you will never move closer to the peak. Standing still means you are guaranteed to fail and/or never reach your goal. Every step you take towards completing whatever task or challenge that is in front of you is one step towards success. So taking that first step (motion) is more important than you think. It is the fundamental requirement that will begin to give you momentum. This may be more important than you think.

Along your path you will more than likely run into various obstacles. Momentum will be a valuable resource in overcoming these hurdles or setbacks. Also, once moving remember not to be so rigid with your plan of how you think you’re going to get there. Often we are so focused on the end result of our goal that we try to cut through solid rock because we think a straight line is the quickest path (and that of least resistance). Blinders are great for horses who are pulling a carriage down a busy street, but not so much on people achieving success. If you keep your eyes open to opportunities along the way you might discover incredible ways to achieve your goals sooner or achieve much higher goals that initially imagined.

The reality is you will need to revisit your plan often; in some cases daily if necessary. And as I have written about before, always be consuming knowledge, learning new skills or improving existing ones. These things may contribute to improving your plan along the way.

Plan - Move - Evaluate - Repeat

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