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Sales Enablement wonk and Geek Whisperer

"Mike's deep experience in sales and sales enablement, coupled with his keen overall situational awareness of businesses and how to get things done made a lasting impression on me. His ability to cut through the noise and get to a working, practical solution that is effective and most importantly, sales relevant, is something any sales enablement organization will benefit from. He manages at just the right level and fosters trust with a team very quickly. He also knows how to make working on a team fun and helps manage priorities well so work / life balance aren't just a set of buzzwords. I grew alot in the time I worked with Mike and I believe that's a very common experience for anyone who works with him."

Spring 2021



Senior Manager, Enterprise Sales Enablement

"Mike Steele is one of the most impressive people I ever met at Salesforce. His coaching, guidance, counsel, and energy are what I consider to be a source of inspiration across so many facets of career and life. He has an unparalleled drive that galvanizes people to believe in themselves and what they are doing. Mike's skill is that while he helps you solve immediate problems and maximize your potential, he also develops the capabilities in you to solve problems you've yet to encounter."

Fall 2020



Enterprise Accounts Director

"Mike's guidance has helped me cut through the noise and focus on what matters - knowing my clients' businesses well enough to become a trusted advisor, despite being in sales. He helped me look at my business more strategically, get creative with solutions, and hold my internal and external stakeholders accountable to getting deals done.  As a result of his sales mentoring, I was able to close out 76% of my annual quota in only 6 months.

Additionally, Mike's authenticity shows in every way possible; his enthusiastic demeanor, always positive attitude, and genuine interest in me/my success was a model for how I should run my business. If you're looking for an emotionally intelligent sales enablement guru who takes the time to understand what your salesforce truly needs to move the business forward - Mike's your guy."

Fall 2020



Director, GTM Planning & Execution

Mike is an expert in coaching sellers, sales leaders, and operations/product leaders how to run an enterprise sales playbook in a complex selling environment. This spans many areas but the stand out categories include: pipeline & forecast management, territory and account planning, team selling, running your business for sellers and leaders, deal strategy, account research, product design for sales. What’s most remarkable about Mike is he’s figured out how to break down “the what” and “the how” of his own sales success and make it transferable to others. This includes acting as an advisor/coach but also as the builder of learning resources and/or tools. Mike knows that the details do matter and is guided by a set of principles that ensure corners aren’t cut too short that sacrifice the objective. Mike gets it done and get it done right!



Strategic Enterprise Account Executive

I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by excellence through out my career. To be able to grow as a business woman by learning from the successes of others has provided me with skills unmatched. Michael ranks at the top of the list of those that have contributed to my career. His thought provoking insight has led me to develop much further than I could have ever imagined. His ability to get you to think way past the “aha” allows you to realize your true potential. I hope to work with Michael for years to come. Thank you for being a big part of my journey.



Enterprise Healthcare Account Executive

When I first started at Salesforce I had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Mike Steele. Watching Mike work with his extended team and the customer helped reinforce the Golden Rule; "Treat others how you want to be treated". Mike's professionalism and organization are second to none and I believe that is what drives those around him to be better. Which is the ultimate sign of a great leader.



Senior Director, Enterprise Field Enablement

Michael is a true sales professional who brings his experience and passion to help our sales teams succeed. He is committed to customer success, both internal and external. He creates and delivers targeted enablement programs to increase our sales teams effectiveness and is a trusted coach to his teams.

Jim Smith.jfif


Regional Vice President, Enterprise Sales

I want to thank you for all you do. Last year I started the FY by hiring 5 new AEs and your help with their onboarding was remarkable. As a result 4 of the 5 achieved their ramp quotas and even though they are still less than 18 month in the role they are all on track to hit their full quota's this FY. I love results and one of them has already achieved 148% of their full quota this year in their 15-month tenure.

I appreciate your partnership and the continual guidance you provide to both me and my team. THANK YOU!!!!!



Strategic Account Director

As I was going through a couple of account plans today, I thought of you and wanted to reach out to let you know that I truly don’t know where I’d be if I had not met you here at Salesforce. You have personally impacted my business by providing me with 3 top levers for my business: the account planning solution in quip, lucid org chart, and the VCM tool.

I use each every day and it has raised the bar tremendously. I don’t know how you do it, but I sincerely appreciate all that you have done to help me be better through the use of the tools you have provided. I also appreciate you offering to check out the account plan and offer up suggestions. Thank you for all that you do.



Enterprise Accounts Director

Mike, I am truly grateful for all the coaching and mentoring you have so generously shared with me. Your guidance in planning the executive meetings was invaluable. Had a very successful day at our customer!



Director of Sales

I had the pleasure of partnering with Michael during an intense evaluation process at one of his major customers. It was immediately evident that Michael put enormous efforts into not just managing the account, but fully immersing himself into his customer's culture and aligning Salesforce and its resources for the betterment of the account. As the process unfolded, it was refreshing to have such a capable, professional, talented and strategic partner in Michael with which to work. His talents and commitment to doing great things will serve him well and I welcome the opportunity to partner with him again.



Enterprise Account Exec

Michael, I wanted to thank you for taking time to talk through my deal. So much of your value is just being able to "talk through it" and get your advice and guidance. You are a fountain of knowledge and have a strategic mind that can provide value to any deal/account scenario. Thank you!!



Vice President Solution Engineering

I have worked with Michael from three different roles over the past four years. Michael is an incredible asset to any sales organization. He has incredible energy, ambition, and motivation with a "no mountain is too high" attitude. I have walked with Michael through good and bad both personally and professionally. He is a source of inspiration for me and many others, and I consider it an honor and a privilege to work with him. Michael has that unique ability to create and grow value added relationships internally and externally. He knows how to assemble and manage an effective sales team to achieve his desired goals. He embraces conflict in a professional manner. Michael is always reachable and approachable, and I usually leave the conversation having learned something from him.



Founder, CEO at SelectMethods

I always enjoy working with Michael Steele. He always has command of the situation without being overbearing, and knows how to coordinate a large group of disparate resources. He excels at complex opportunities and I've heard many customers and fellow employees at Oracle speak very highly of his professionalism. Even under stress, he remains positive and "thinks forward". Michael is never content with status quo. I get calls from him all the time to discuss some "what if" scenario or a better way to do something. He seeks advice from others constantly, and keeps in mind always how a decision affects the whole team or the overall outcome. But the highest compliment I can pay Michael is that despite how hard he works, he makes it all look easy - which is the hallmark of a true professional.

John W.jfif


Partner and Senior Technical Architect

Michael and I worked together daily on the same accounts (me as a Solution Engineer, and Michael as the Global Account Executive) for over 4 years. No customer ever had a stronger advocate than Michael. He is tireless and creative and audacious. All sales folks learn their accounts, but Michael immerses himself in a way that is unique to Michael. His mind continually searches for new ideas to propel his customers into a better world. All sales folks want to help customers, but Michael makes it his private crusade. Conversations, often unrelated to work, lurch violently back to how he can help push the customer to his ever evolving vision of their future. And through sheer force of his unflinching personality shares that vision to everyone he meets. He doesn't sell a vision; he shares a vision. Michael will be the first to confess that he's a squeaky wheel. But when Michael squeaks, it's invariably on behalf of doing the right thing. Working with Michael was a pleasure because we were working toward something beneficial and lasting for the customer, and everything else was secondary.

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