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Self 2.0

We are often obsessed with upgrading our technology. We know when every new phone comes out and rush down (and maybe even stand in line) to get it. When was the last time you upgraded your phone and how much did you spend on it? More importantly, how much time did you spend evaluating whether or not to spend the money on the phone?

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I was one of those people too. I used to be able to even tell you the dates when Apple was planning on announcing their new phones (and I don’t even work for Apple!!!) I would block my calendar, watch the live stream so intently and take notes on all the new features. Looking back… boy did I waste a lot of time on these things. Does any of this resonate with you?

Now let me ask you… How much did you spend last year on reading? Oh... you did buy some books??? How many of them did you actually read? How about online courses… have you tried taking anything online? Or have you gone to any seminars or training classes lately? (Yeah, yeah, the pandemic... but there are MANY other options). What I am getting at here is… have you spent any time or energy upgrading yourself lately?

Would you believe me if I told you there were more sources for these things available to you than I can count? Would you believe me if I told you I found a course for less than $15 that gave me four hours of some of the best presentation and public speaking best practices that I have ever learned? What's more is that I took the course without ever leaving my house!

If you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars (and sometimes more than a thousand) on a new phone every year or two, then I suggest that you invested at least that amount into upgrading yourself. You will become so much more successful that upgrading a phone won’t even matter to you anymore.

What are you doing, focusing on, allocating time and budget to upgrade yourself?

Mike's Tips:

- Start reading today, and don't ever stop. Need something to start with, check out my Recommended Reading.

- Be prepared for the day ahead by establish a morning routine. Consider including time for meditation, exercise, reviewing your priorities and taking in something new. Need ideas to get started? Check out my 31 Days to Change Your Life!

- Sign up and take a class on Udemy where many options are under $20 or Khan Academy which offers courses for free!

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