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Someday is not a day of the week...

How often have you said or heard someone say, “Someday I will . . .”? We all have so many dreams, desires and goals. There are also limitless experiences out there for us to find and add into our lives. But if I asked you how long do you think you have to do whatever your “someday I will” is, you will likely respond with a number of years; a number of years (I might argue) that are not as likely as you might think. Why do I say that?

The vast majority of us do not ever stop and think that we may not be here tomorrow. (Below I share with you the time that I almost did not make it to tomorrow). Most of us do not realize just how precious time is until it is too late. Time is not a given. Yes, time will absolutely continue to move forward but it does so with or without us. Hence I encourage you that you absolutely must begin to move with a sense of urgency! Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us. For that matter, then next hour is not guaranteed either!

We all should be acting as if we have a finite amount of time to do what we need to. We need to seize every opportunity we can. And before you begin to give yourself every excuse why you can not or should not do it, let me remind you that even if you go after an opportunity and miss it… you will gain valuable knowledge and experience that will continue to propel you. Sometimes just preparing and being ready for whatever comes next will yield opportunity for you. But if you are standing by, just waiting for the most opportune time to do something, I can assure you that it will never come and that you will indeed miss some of your life’s greatest opportunities. I can guarantee that you will miss 100% of the shots that you do not take. Do not wait until regret begins to set in.

Whatever your dreams or goals are, you must make every day count and work towards your goals with an intensity that can not be stopped! So many of us do not use and leverage what we (as ourselves) bring into the world. You must dig deep inside yourself and find what it is that you are here to do. Then you must consistently work at it so that you can share it with others. You have thoughts and ideas and talents that nobody else has. Why would you not bring them to life? Do not let whatever it is that makes you incredible just atrophy and be lost. We go through life with the brakes on, holding back, trying to be safe, waiting for just the right time. Some of us are living life so cautiously that many would say you are not actually living at all. I love what Les Brown once said, “Stop living your life like you have 1,000 years to live. . . when you are casual about life, you will end up a casualty.".

On a fateful Saturday morning in May 2016 as I sipped my coffee on my front porch adoring the splendid morning before me I thought “this is perfect riding weather, how can I not take a ride around the lake?”. About an hour later I was being raced to the trauma one hospital downtown after a head-on collision with an SUV at over 50 miles per hour. It is a clear miracle that I was not killed instantly, however I sustained massive trauma to my throat and airway and literally crushed my left wrist.

That morning my life made its way into the hands of some of best surgeons in the ER who carefully stitched my airway back together as it had nearly been shredded in half. After months of recovery, I am very blessed to say I have few limitations as a result of my injuries even after doctors initially feared I may never be able to talk again. I am exceptionally lucky to have been offered a second lease on life. . . MORE TIME for which I am very very lucky to have.

As you read this, I am sure every one of you knows of someone who had been or is battling some illness and may not have as much time left as they themselves might have thought just a short time ago. We do not know what the next week or day or even the next hour will bring. We are all dying. . . and only a small few are truly living the life they were meant to lead. I try to remind myself of this every single day... and today I feel incredibly lucky to still be here and have the opportunity to help people and make an impact.

So consider this a challenge! What are you waiting for? What excuse could you possibly give yourself to delay doing or achieving your dreams?

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