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What kind of habits do you have?

If you tell someone you will "be there"... I'll bet that most of you will "be there" for that person. I believe most of us are pretty good with commitments made to others. Now I'll ask you, do you commit to yourself the same way you do to others? How often to you say to yourself "I will do it tomorrow"... and come tomorrow, you delay, put off or come up with a new excuse to yourself why you can't or won't do that for yourself.

There is not enough time for me to review all the times I have personally let myself down by not doing what I said or set out to do. We've all been there... "I'll start working out tomorrow, I'll do that work later, I'll change how I eat next week, I'll start reading more, I'll start writing more, I will... I will... I will".

I say to you, start right now. Not later, not tomorrow, not a time that is after right now. Start moving/changing/going RIGHT NOW. Commit to yourself that you WILL DO whatever it is you know that you absolutely need to be doing. Don't wait until you feel like doing it. Do it now, commit to doing it and you will begin to build momentum, then you will most likely feel like doing it more and more.

You absolutely, without a doubt, MUST begin right now to create the right habits. You must kill the habits of delaying (procrastinating) and build the habit of doing right now what you know to be right, what you know needs to be done and what you know will absolutely yield the best results for you. You're habits determine what direction you will go. Where are you going...?

"There are losers... and there are those who have not yet found how to win."

- Les Brown

Take 19 minutes to watch the video below and change your habits today.

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