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You are (and will be) what you think!

As you start this new week remember this... if you THINK you will be successful, you will move towards success. You are what you think about. When you feel defeat coming on, change it by changing your state of mind.

Changing your state of mind is a spark that is more powerful than than a thousand suns. That spark will begin to move you. One step will become two... two will become three... and by the time you look back, you will likely be shocked at just how far you have come. Often times taking that first step is the hardest, but I am telling you it is incredibly easy, almost involuntary if you just change your state of mind.

Recently I read a great quote... "you can't always choose the path that you walk in life, but you can always choose the manner in which you walk it". To learn more about it, find "On Fire" on my Recommended Reading list.

I'm also sharing the following video with you to help find that spark!. Please post your comments below.

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